Enable Healthforce in your clinic

Become a primary care hub in the community.

Single patient record

All treating providers (local or remote) can see the same view of the patient.

Digital devices

Images can be uploaded to the patient record with a phone or integrated scope.


Doctors can script up to S4, and according to provider formularies.

Doctors on call

An algorithm schedules doctors to answer calls within 4 minutes.

Video telemedicine

Nurses & other health workers can call a remote doctor on a real-time video connection.

Nurse capacity building

Frequent interaction between nurse and doctors transfers knowledge and skills.

Consult documents

Nurses can generate a script, referral letter or sick note provided by the remote doctor.

Real-time ratings

Patients, nurses and doctors rate their interactions to create feedback for improvement.

We sort out the hardware

Healthforce procures and installs all equipment, and provides personalised training, coaching and support. All you need to do is make sure there’s a good quality internet connection, a functional clinic and a professional nurse.

We provide a flat screen TV, laptop, printer, webcam, and cabling. All the hardware is inexpensive and off-the-shelf, and installed by Healthforce.

User training and support

Our software is easy to use and all our designs are tested with nurses before being rolled out. We also have a dedicated experience support team available to help via phone or Whatsapp if there are any problems to iron out. Our team handles the clinic onboarding process and scheme registrations for you.

“You can’t be a stupido with this system. It is so intuitive and user-friendly!”


Doctors on call 7 days a week

Our doctors are available 7 days per week, during normal clinic hours. They are scheduled according to a prediction algorithm, so that calls are usually answered within five minutes. They can provide prescriptions, sick notes and referrals.

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Secure and compliant technology

Healthforce is fully compliant with HPCSA telemedicine guidelines, the National Health Act, the Electronic Communication and Transactions Act, POPI, PAIA, the Medical Schemes Act and more. Healthforce doctors are professionally registered with the HPCSA. Healthforce doctors can prescribe schedule 3 and 4 drugs like Neurobion, Diclofenac and antibiotics.

Get started today

Dischem, Medicare, Spar, and many other nurse-run clinics have chosen to use Healthforce to extend their primary care services. You can be fully up and running within a few weeks, including hardware installation and training.

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