Try a Videomed consultation

Get GP treatment and prescriptions while under the care of your nearest nurse-run clinic.

Going to your local nurse-run clinic is a great way to take care of your basic health needs – like vaccinations, contraception, and blood pressure checks.

At clinics with Healthforce’s Videomed, your nurse can place an immediate video call to a GP, who can help with medical advice and treatment; repeat or first-time prescriptions including vaccinations, family planning, chronic and acute illnesses; referrals and sick notes.

The nurse does all the physical examinations, like taking your blood pressure, and then works with the doctor to decide on the best treatment and medication for you. A Videomed doctor is available whenever your nurse clinic is open. This means you can see the doctor within a few minutes of the nurse placing a call. 

Quick, cost-effective, remote access to a GP, with the personal touch that a nurse’s care brings.

Your nurse can:

  • Call a GP
  • Send photographs to the doctor
  • Capture your medical history
  • Carry out treatments

The Videomed doctor can:

  • Give a clinical diagnosis
  • Write a prescription
  • Write sick notes and referral letters
  • Give medical advice